Game of Covers has collected the best Game of Thrones covers on the interwebs. I could listen to these all day. If you haven’t watched the series do NOT click on any other link or video for this, just listen to the music. There will be spoilers if you’re careless, and you don’t want those if you haven’t caught the series yet.


Arrested Development returns!

No joke, as reported by Entertainment Weekly Arrested Development is no longer in a state of … arrested … you get it. It will not be returning to Fox (thank God), it will be going to Netflix streaming instead. This will be the first high profile and current series that Netflix has bee involved with to date. Will the audience find it there, unlike how they did on Fox (me included)?

The Dark Knight Rises … Eight Years Later?

In Empire Magazine’s latest issue they have an interview with Christopher Nolan, in which he states that the Dark Knight Rises will take place eight years after the Dark Knight events. This means that Batman has spent eight years playing the hero in the shadows, the one that the police have been trying to hunt for nearly a decade? I trust Nolan, he hasn’t made a bad movie (in my opinion) yet, so I’ll be curious to see how he lets this timeskip play on the narrative.

Skyrim review coming soon.

Blurring the Lines : Live Action Video Games

Since the start of the video game era people have been impressed by whatever sense of realism or realistic gameplay that the developers could put in. If you’ve seen the trailer for the new Battlefield then you realize how much these games can sell based on that aspect of immersion. Of course, not every game goes for that sense of realism in order to sell.

So what is it that makes us want to blur those lines? What makes us want to experience that feel of war? Honestly, it’s not the experience of war, it’s the rush of combat that people want to experience. That adrenaline rush of having bullets wizzing past your head, feeling like John McClane, wondering where your shoes are and feeling okay about some douche-y coke head with a beard just getting shot. Who can forget that opening mission on the freighter ship in Modern Combat. The first time my buddy played it we had the room full of other guys who were there for a house party (girls were coming too, I promise!), and everyone watched, wide-eyed and mouths open as my friend made that final leap onto the helicopter.

It’s amazing what that rush of action, even in a video game, can bring out in your feelings (or muscles, for those of us too masculine for feelings). Perhaps this is why every gamer wants a film to bring what they feel on the consol/PC to the big screen. Cinema becomes a more visceral experience than a game (arguable I know) because of that shared aspect, where you are experiencing the events on screen with a large group of other people. It’s like if you saw a comedy by yourself, you probably won’t laugh nearly as much as when you’re watching it with another person(s). So if you could experience that rush of the Modern Combat level, or maybe one of the boss fights in Dark Souls (and I’m assuming dragon fights in the upcoming Skyrim) then what normal human gamer (definition : missing) wouldn’t want to see this exploding in 3D in front of them (that’s what she said). It’s the side-boob of video game adaptations.

We get tastes of this with trailers such as this, which shows the never threatening Jonah Hill fighting back to back with Call of Duty voice-acting veteran Sam Worthington. Hill is obviously in it for the comedic relief, demonstrating how everyone mentally views the “noob” while playing online (sans the cussing, yelling at mom, and shotgun use. Kudos on the grenade launcher though). While I was watching I couldn’t help but wonder how Worthington would fair as the lead of a Modern Combat (even though he was Black Ops) film franchise.

Even Deus Ex : Human Revolution even had a live action trailer that was a little light on the action, but very interesting conceptually. The point of this trailer was to add a sense of realism in the possibility of this future. I thought the game did a fantastic job of portraying that, and the trailer itself has a bit of a District 9 feel to it.

A popular live-action trailer has been the recent one for Skyrim , or as I like to call it, “viagra for nerds.” The action of the peasants is a bit corny at the beginning, but watching one man take on a dragon is such a cool sight (see : AWESOME). Try not to puff up a bit as you see that thing land in front of our protagonist. And it shows that this does translate to “IRL” without looking corny or stupid (Max Payne, Mario, the now stupid Resident Evils).

Perhaps the most famous case was the failed attempt at the Halo movie. Not failed in terms that the director couldn’t handle it, quite the opposite actually. The studio wasn’t comfortable giving such a big name to an untested director such as Neil Blomkamp, who you might remember did the amazing District 9. He even created what is, in my opinion, the greatest video game to real life emulation ever done : The Landfall series for Halo. Everyone who saw this begged for a Halo movie. This wasn’t just side boob anymore. This was getting side boob’s number, and it wasn’t a fake one.

Unfortunately, we still have yet to see a version of a video game on screen that can properly respect the original medium, or live up to the high expectations from the fans. Until then, we will continue to eat up every second of these live action trailers, and pray to the entertainment gods that our savior will return (it was probably Blomkamp) and deliver us to the holy land of gaming cinema.

Top 5 Actresses Under 25

by Spencer Mann

Too long in my young adult life have I had to watch actresses thrown into my face who’s only qualifications for being in the limelight was a pretty face, hour glass shape, and a keen ability to always be showing some cleavage (or ass). Now don’t get me wrong, I am a red-blooded, American male, and I firmly believe that there is a place in the world for the Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, Jessica Alba’s, and Megan Fox’s, but I don’t always want them on my TV. First off, it programs men to think that there are women out there that look and act like these stars, when we all know that they were all created in a lab by the world’s best plastic surgeons and their personalities were generated from a computer. None of them are real. Second, they continue the stereotype that if you’re a young Hollywood actress you are talented, but not in acting. Thankfully, I have noticed a surge in young talent (both in acting and beauty) sweeping through Hollywood that makes me hopeful for future cinema. These ladies prove that you can be hot to be paid to be on camera, but you can also succeed in acting when you get there. Here is a list of my top 5 actresses under the age of 25

5.) Emma Watson (Age: 21) – Most guys can admit that Ms. Watson made them question their morals when she played a young Hermione Granger in the earlier Harry Potter movies. There was something about her obnoxious, know-it-all, aggressive personality (and tangled, frizzy hair) that reminded us all of the teacher’s pet that the whole class would make fun of but you secretly thought was cute. The kind of girl that you would put a frog in her hair to show your affection while salvaging your reputation. As far as her acting prowess goes, I know what you’re thinking; “She’s only played one major part in her career, how can you judge her as an actress?” Well my answer to that would be how the Harry Potter series has allowed us to see her mature as an actress. Starting as an 11 year old in Sorcerer’s Stone, where her cuteness and ability to remember lines was all that was necessary for the part, she is now in Deathly Hallows, where she has to make the audience believe and understand her emotions. I’d like to see her comedic abilities, but she definitely has a bright future as a dramatic actress.

4.) Saoirse Ronan (17) – This is the youngest actress in the top 5 who earned her spot on the list for her screen-stealing roles in Atonement, The Lovely Bones, and Hanna. Her range is obvious as you sympathize with her as an innocent victim who watches over her family, and then you fear her as a trained killer out to avenge her father. As an actress she is far beyond her years in maturity and she exudes confidence on screen that usually takes years to develop. She has a subtle beauty that allows her to not hide behind her looks. There is almost a familiarity to her looks that allows you to connect with her characters. Up next for Ms. Ronan is the starring role in the next film adaptation of novelist Stephanie Meyers.

3.) Dakota Fanning (17) – This actress has the chops and the resume of a seasoned veteran, and she’s only 17. She has dominated the talented young actress group for roughly a decade after she captured America’s heart playing the mature-for-her-age daughter of a mentally handicapped Sean Penn in I am Sam. But also like many other veterans of Hollywood, she’s had her fair share of roles in studio movies just to make a simple paycheck (see: Push). Still her acting talent is never in question with such performance alongside star actors Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise, who are almost 3 times her age. Being cute but not that hot, I fear she might be lumped into the child star type cast and struggle to be taken seriously as an adult. However her talent alone will get her roles that will garner her success.

2.) Jennifer Lawrence (21) – Easily could’ve been my #1 because she is in my mind the most attractive. I mean, anyone who can make you forget that Rebecca Romijn ever played Mystique is gorgeous in my book. Ms. Lawrence had her breakout role where she was cast into the lead of Winter’s Bone, where she played a take-no-shit, alpha female of her broken family. Her portrayal was believable enough for her to win awards as a “breakout star” and “leading actress.” Now she has the much anticipated lead role of Katniss in the upcoming The Hunger Games movies. In the role of a badass, she gives off a Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft vibe (sans the awful accent). Pending the success of the Hunger Games franchise, this starlet should be gracing the big screen for years to come.

1.) Emma Stone (23) – This young woman has already established herself as being one of the best actresses in Hollywood right now. She proved her comedic talents in Superbad, Zombieland, and Easy A. She proved her dramatic range in The Help and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Her charm and wit can steal any scene and her stunning looks can make any jaw drop. Her deep, sexy voice brings back memories of Kathleen Turner from Body Heat, not the scary image we all have now of Turner in Marley and Me. Up next for her is the spotlighted redhead role of Gwen Stacy in the questionable reboot of the Spider-Man series. While I am reluctant to get excited about the movie as a whole, I am very excited to see Ms. Stone take on a different role that will expand her horizons as an actress. I could watch her on screen for hours and something tells me I won’t have to worry about her leaving the silver screen any time soon.

Honorable Mention – Chloe Moretz (14) – give this young actress a few more years and she will be a big name in Hollywood. Who doesn’t love hearing a 12 year old say – “You just contact the mayor’s office. He has a special signal he shines in the sky; it’s in the shape of a giant cock.”