Assassin’s Creed V: Wings Over Berlin (an idea)

Recently, me and another friend were discussing the path that the Assassin’s Creed games have taken over the years. We both hated Assassin’s Creed 3, and thought it was way too ambitious for it’s own purposes, not to mention just kind of boring. The cityscapes that once served as dense concrete forests to traverse were replaced with tiny wooden buildings and actual forests. For us, it kind of flopped.

We then started joking about the most recent installment, Black Flag, and how they took the only likable aspect of the third game and just seemed to run with it, despite the fact it has nothing to do with being an assassin. Yes, the ship combat is really fun, but the rest of the game does nothing to provide the feeling you had as Altair or Ezio, as you moved through massive city settings doing  your best to blend in and actually assassinate.

I then jested that the next title of the Assassin’s Creed games was going to keep going down a path that had nothing to do with assassins, and be titled Assassin’s Creed V: Wings Over Berlin. Terence and I had a brief chuckle, but then after a contemplative pause we both thought, “Hey, that might not actually be that bad.”

Think about it:

The game would force you to get back to the original aspects of silent killing. You wouldn’t have guns or be some kind of Zaitsev type of sniper laying in wait. You would have to be sneaky and agile in order to traverse WWII Berlin to get your mark. Just look at this city; it almost begs to be scaled:

There are viewpoints and everything!

There are viewpoints and everything!

The following are the main aspects of the game, and how we thought they should be developed.

The Main Character:

He is an officer of the Nazi SS. He is someone who believed in the initial cause but becomes nauseated at what it turns into. His responsibilities are to hunt down artifacts that could benefit the Reich. He is not of Jewish descent, as that would be too obvious a trait for a protagonist in WWII. Making him American or British would only serve to dehumanize the people that were a part of the Nazi party. By no means should the game try to be an apologist for what the Nazis did, but they were people who believed that this was the right decision of the time. He would have no knowledge of the concentration camps at first.

The Assassin’s Guild:

Renamed, “The Thule Society.” Not only are they tasked with the occult and finding items of ancient lore to build up the Reich, but the assassin’s are placed in different levels of Hitler’s cabinet to monitor dissension, and eliminate both external, and internal threats. The main character would be assigned as an agent to the Middle-East and Africa. As the main character’s views on the Nazi party change he would have to fight the other members of his brotherhood that either know of Hitler’s grand vision and follow it, or those who are kept in the dark and wish to fulfill their duty to their country’s leader.

Erwin Rommel:

The main character would meet Rommel in Africa. Rommel’s base of operations would be the player’s base of operations for the Africa missions. The player would initially be tasked with killing Erwin Rommel, but joins his cause after speaking with him and learning of Hitler’s true goals. The player would then become a part of the Valkyrie plans, while also being responsible for tracking down items like The Apple. Instead of assassinating Rommel, the player would have to convince Goebbels to have Rommel be killed at some other time — that his abilities are too important for the war effort, despite Hitler’s insecurities about Rommel’s ability to usurp his power as the country’s hero.

Joseph Goebbels:

Goebbels would be the primary antagonist of this game. Because he controls the strings of the Nazi party through its propaganda and advisement he would be the main focus after the player switches sides. At the beginning he would be the person that the player reports too. After going over to Rommel’s side the player becomes a double agent.

Things that definitely shouldn’t be in it:

  • Albert Einstein, as he left Germany in 1933.
  • Don’t make the main character responsible for every major development in the war. His role should be small, but important, and not the tide-swinging antics that were present with Conner in AC3. It’s comparable to Lucas making Anakin Skywalker the builder of C3PO. It’s just lazy.
  • Any heavy emphasis on the Animus. AC4 did a good job of making these stories optional, but informative.
  • The combat system. A lot of people seem to like it. I find it to be boring and simplistic. The visuals are cool, but it doesn’t take much thinking on the player’s end, and there isn’t ever really a sense of danger once you figure out every AI’s move set.
  • Sniping or gun missions. It would be very easy to start putting a lot of ballistics into this game and the player’s hands considering the time period. Don’t. A small pistol like in AC2 would be fine. I could easily see the developers making a tank fighting mission with similar mechanics to the pirate ship’s. However, this is unrealistic, as an assassin wouldn’t have the know-how to operate a tank. They aren’t bicycles.

This isn’t a formal pitch or anything (if that wasn’t obvious from the structure) but we thought it would be a cool setup for the next installment of the franchise. That is, after Ubisoft milks the pirate theme for three years with expansions and additions to Edward’s narrative.

See somewhere we could improve? Let us know!







One thought on “Assassin’s Creed V: Wings Over Berlin (an idea)

  1. I was actually thinking about this recently and i have a few thing to add if you don’t mind.
    1-I like how he’s an uniformed Nazi but I Believe He should be with the Nazi’s because He joined the Templars thinking they were something there not. 2-The character still plays like an assassin in game because he was trained by the Templars to do things like the Assassins so they can be framed for things, or to know where the assassins would strike and what they would do. 3-the weapons the character should start with are 2 hidden blades, 1 officer Sword, 2 Welrod Pistols, and two punch guns. the Welrod pistol is short range IE 4-6 meters, the punch gun would be really high damage cause it is a shotgun blast but must be triggered by punching someone. I also think the character would have a hood as usually but not always where it, and it would be like a dark black leather trench coat. plus i think it would be a great emotional journey to think you doing the right thing only to find out your not by stumbling upon a concentration camp and see the horror that happened at them.

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